DOI: 10.1101/475855Nov 24, 2018Paper

Characterization of functional diversity of the human brain based on intrinsic connectivity networks

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Congying ChuTianzi Jiang


Spontaneous fluctuations underlying the brain activity can reflect the intrinsic organization of the system, such as the functional brain networks. In large scale, a network perspective has emerged as a new avenue to explore the functional properties of human brain. Here, we studied functional diversity in healthy subjects based on the network perspective. We hypothesized that the patterns of participation of different functional networks were related with the functional diversity of particular brain regions. Independent component analysis (ICA) was adopted to detect the intrinsic connectivity networks (ICNs) based on the data of resting-state functional MRI. An index of functional diversity (FD index) was proposed to quantitatively describe the degree of anisotropic distribution related with participation of various ICNs. We found that FD index continuously varied across the brain, for example, the primary motor cortex with low FD value and the precuneus with significantly high FD value. The FD values indicated the different functional roles of the corresponding brain regions, which were reflected by the various patterns of participation of ICNs. The FD index can be used as a new approach to quantitatively characterize the fun...Continue Reading

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