The DMCdrive: practical 3D-printable micro-drive system for reliable chronic multi-tetrode recording and optogenetic application in freely behaving rodents

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H. KimMarie Carlen


Electrophysiological recording and optogenetic control of neuronal activity in behaving animals have been integral to the elucidation of how neurons and circuits modulate network activity in the encoding and causation of behavior. However, most current electrophysiological methods require substantial economical investments and prior expertise. Further, the inclusion of optogenetics with electrophysiological recordings in freely moving animals remains a general challenge. Expansion of the technological repertoire across laboratories, research institutes, and countries, demands open access to high-quality devices that can be built with little or no prior expertise from easily accessible parts of low cost. We here present a very affordable, truly easy-to-assemble micro-drive for electrophysiology in combination with optogenetics in freely moving mice and rats. The DMCdrive is particularly suited for reliable long-term recordings of neurons and network activities, and simplify optical tagging and manipulation of neurons in the recorded brain region. The highly functional and practical drive design has been optimized for accurate tetrode movement in brain tissue, and remarkably reduced build time. We provide a complete overview of t...Continue Reading

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