Mar 16, 2020

CHD8 Suppression Impacts on Histone H3 Lysine 36 Trimethylation and Alters RNA Alternative Splicing.

Emanuela KerschbamerMarta Biagioli


Disruptive mutations in the chromodomain helicase DNA binding protein 8 (CHD8) have been recurrently associated with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). In normal cellular physiology, CHD8 co-purifies with MLL1 and MOF transcriptional activation complex, with elongating RNAPII and directly binds to DNA promoters and enhancers regions, thus a regulatory role in transcriptional initiation and elongation could be postulated. Here we investigated how chromatin landscape reacts to CHD8 suppression by analyzing a panel of histone modifications in induced pluripotent stem cell-derived neural progenitors. We interrogated transcriptionally active and repressed regions, as well as active and poised enhancers. CHD8 suppression led to significant reduction (47.82%) in histone H3K36me3 peaks at gene bodies, particularly impacting on transcriptional elongation chromatin states. H3K36me3 reduction specifically affects highly expressed, CHD8-bound genes. Histone H3K36me3 reduction associated to CHD8-suppression does not functionally impact on global transcriptional levels, but correlated with altered alternative splicing patterns of ~ 2000 protein coding genes implicated in 'RNA splicing', 'mitotic cell cycle phase transition' and 'mRNA processin...Continue Reading

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Transcription Initiation
Suppression, Genetic
MLL protein, human
CHD8 gene
Neural Stem Cells
Transcription Elongation

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