Chemical structures of corn stover and its residue after dilute acid prehydrolysis and enzymatic hydrolysis: insight into factors limiting enzymatic hydrolysis

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
J-D MaoD Franqui-Villanueva


Advanced solid-state NMR techniques and wet chemical analyses were applied to investigate untreated corn stover (UCS) and its residues after dilute acid prehydrolysis (DAP) and enzymatic hydrolysis (RES) to provide evidence for the limitations to the effectiveness of enzyme hydrolysis. Advanced solid-state NMR spectral-editing techniques as well as 1H-13C two-dimensional heteronuclear correlation NMR (2D HETCOR) were employed. Our results indicated that dilute acid prehydrolysis selectively removed amorphous carbohydrates, increased aromatic CH/other protonated -C═C- and enriched alkyl CH and CH2 components. Cinnamic acids were increased, and proteinaceous materials and N-containing degradation or condensation compounds were absorbed or coprecipitated in RES. 2D HETCOR experiments indicated a close association between lignin and the residual carbohydrates. Ketones/aldehydes were not detected in the DAP, in contrast to a report in which an appreciable amount of ketones/aldehydes was generated from the acid pretreatment of a purified cellulose in the literature. This suggested that acid pretreatment may modify the structure of purified cellulose more than biomass and that biomass may be a better substrate than model biopolymers a...Continue Reading


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