DOI: 10.1101/471920Nov 18, 2018Paper

Chemo-mechanical Coupling in the Transport Cycle of a Type II ABC Transporter

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Koichi TamuraYuji Sugita


ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporters are integral membrane proteins that translocate a wide range of substrates across biological membranes, harnessing free energy from the binding and hydrolysis of ATP. To understand the mechanism of the inward- to outward-facing transition that could be achieved by tight regulation of ATPase activity through extensive conformational changes of the protein, we applied template-based iterative all-atom molecular dynamics (MD) simulation to the heme ABC transporter BhuUV-T. The simulations, together with biased MDs, predict two new conformations of the protein, namely, occluded (Occ) and outward-facing (OF) conformations. The comparison between the inward-facing crystal structure and the predicted two structures shows atomic details of the gating motions at the transmembrane helices and dimerization of the nucleotide-binding domains (NBDs). The MD simulations further reveal a novel role of the ABC signature motifs (LSGG[Q/E]) at the NBDs in decelerating ATPase activity in the Occ form through sporadic flipping of the side chains of the LSGG[Q/E] catalytic serine residues. The orientational changes are coupled to loose NBD dimerization in the Occ state, whereas they are blocked in the OF form ...Continue Reading

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