DOI: 10.1101/240184Dec 28, 2017Paper

ClassificaIO: machine learning for classification graphical user interface

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Raeuf Roushangar, George I. Mias


Summary: ClassificaIO is an open-source Python graphical user interface (GUI) for machine learning classification for the scikit-learn module. ClassificaIO aims to provide an easy-to-use interactive way to train, validate, and test data on a range of classification algorithms. The GUI enables fast comparisons within and across classifiers, and facilitates uploading and exporting of trained models, and both validated, and tested data results. Availability: ClassificaIO is implemented as a Python application and is available for download and installation through the Python Package Index (PyPI) ( and it can be deployed using the "import" function once installed. The application is distributed under an MIT license and source code is available for download (for Mac OS X, Unix and Mi-crosoft Windows) through PyPI and GitHub (, and at

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