Oct 1, 1975

Classification and biological distribution of histamine receptor sub-types

Agents and Actions
N Chand, P Eyre


The distribution and classification of histamine receptors in mammalian and avian tissues have been summarized in Tables 1-4. It is evident that histamine receptors are present on a number of morphologically distinct cell types and the proportion of cells bearing H1- and H2-receptors varies not only with the species but also with the cell source. The pharmacological receptors mediating mepyramine-sensitive histamine responses have been defined as H1-receptors. Receptors mediating mepyramine-resistant, but burimamide or metiamide-sensitive histamine responses have been classified as H2-receptors. Histamine responses mediated via H2-receptors seem to involve the adenylcyclase system resulting in elevation of intracellular cyclic-AMP level, which is susceptible to burimamide blockade but insensitive to beta-adrenergic blocking agents. This mode of action of histamine involving H2-receptors and the adenyl cyclase system has been shown to stimulate the mammalian heart; promote gastric acid secretion; inhibit antigen-induced histamine release from leucocytes and inhibit lymphocyte-mediated cytotoxicity. It can further be concluded that both H1- and H2-receptors are widely distributed throughout the animal body in the gastro-intestina...Continue Reading

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