PMID: 591992Dec 1, 1977

Clinical consequences of corticectomies involving the supplementary motor area in man

Journal of the Neurological Sciences
D LaplaneJ M Orgogozo


Three patients with well-mapped, circumscribed ablations of the medial part of the frontal lobe are reported. A specific clinical evolution in 3 stages was observed: (1) post-operatively there was global akinesia, more prominent contralaterally, with an arrest of speech; (2) recovery occurred suddenly but even then there was severe reduction of spontaneous motor activity contralaterally, an emotional type facial palsy and a reduction of spontaneous speech; (3) long after the operation the only sequela was disturbance of the alternating movements of the hands. The anatomical basis of these disorders appears to be a lesion of the supplementary motor area (SMA). Three main points have been discussed, namely: (1) the nature of the motor disorder which may be a disturbance of the function of the SMA in initiating and sustaining spontaneous and automatic motor activity; (2) the nature of the arrest of speech which appears not to be aphasic; the studies reported in the present paper do not support a left cerebral dominance for the SMA as suggested by previous studies; (3) the method of clinical examination appears to be important in distinguishing between spontaneous and voluntary motor and speech performance. Differences in method ma...Continue Reading


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