PMID: 3881496Feb 1, 1985Paper

Clinical superiority of a new nonionic contrast agent (iopamidol) for cardiac angiography

Journal of the American College of Cardiology
E W GertzC Hu


The hemodynamic and electrophysiologic alterations induced by ionic contrast agents during cardiac angiography are well described. Recently nonionic contrast agents have become available for cardiac angiography. To evaluate the safety of these new agents, a double-blind randomized study was performed comparing a new nonionic agent (iopamidol) with a commonly used ionic contrast agent (Renografin-76). Eighty-one patients undergoing left ventriculography and coronary angiography were included; 41 received iopamidol and 40 received sodium meglumine diatrizoate (Renografin-76). After left ventriculography, there was a decrease in the arterial pressure with both contrast agents. However, the severity and the duration of hypotension were both significantly greater with Renografin-76 compared with the new nonionic agent (p less than 0.001). After selective injections of the coronary arteries, electrocardiographic analysis demonstrated that the increase in the QT interval (p less than 0.0002) and the changes in both the ST segment and T wave amplitude (p less than 0.001) were significantly greater in the Renografin-76 group compared with the iopamidol group. During coronary angiography, 8 of the 40 patients receiving Renografin-76 requ...Continue Reading


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