May 1, 1975

Cloning stem cells in the bone marrow of irradiated mice

Biulleten' eksperimental'noĭ biologii i meditsiny
V N Shvets


Different amount of intact or irradiated bone marrow from syngenous donors was administered to mice irradiated with a lethal dose. There was revealed a linear dependence of the number of the 8-9-day colonies grown in the bone marrow of the femur on the amount of the administered cells, and an exponential dependence on the irradiation dose. Regularity of the stem cell cloning in the bone marrow was analogous to such in the spleen. Radiosensitivity of the colony-forming units (CFU) differed depending on the site (the spleen, the bone marrow) of their colony formation. The CFU settling in the marrow proved to be more radioresistant (D(0) equalled 160-200 P) in comparison with the CFU settling in the spleen (D(0) constituted 80-100 P). It is supposed that a different radiosensitivity of the CFU was caused by the presence of heterogenic population of the stem cells and also by specific peculiarities of the organ (the spleen, the bone marrow) in which the colonies formed.

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