DOI: 10.1101/137497May 13, 2017Paper

Coalescent Processes With Skewed Offspring Distributions And Non-Equilibrium Demography

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Sebastian MatuszewskiJeffrey D Jensen


Non-equilibrium demography impacts coalescent genealogies leaving detectable, well-studied signatures of variation. However, similar genomic footprints are also expected under models of large reproductive skew, posing a serious problem when trying to make inference. Furthermore, current approaches consider only one of the two processes at a time, neglecting any genomic signal that could arise from their simultaneous effects, preventing the possibility of jointly inferring parameters relating to both offspring distribution and population history. Here, we develop an extended Moran model with exponential population growth, and demonstrate that the underlying ancestral process converges to a time-inhomogeneous psi-coalescent. However, by applying a non-linear change of time scale -- analogous to the Kingman coalescent -- we find that the ancestral process can be rescaled to its time-homogeneous analogue, allowing the process to be simulated quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, we derive analytical expressions for the expected site-frequency spectrum under the time-inhomogeneous psi-coalescent and develop an approximate-likelihood framework for the joint estimation of the coalescent and growth parameters. By means of extensive sim...Continue Reading

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