Mar 20, 2001

Cognitive impairment in schizophrenia is the core of the disorder

Critical Reviews in Neurobiology
Brita Elvevåg, Terry E Goldberg


Patients with schizophrenia exhibit an exceedingly wide range of symptoms from a variety of domains. The cardinal features are abnormal ideas (such as delusions); abnormal perceptions (such as hallucinations); formal thought disorder (as evidenced by disorganized speech); motor, volitional, and behavioral disorders; and emotional disorders (such as affective flattening or inappropriateness). In addition to these diverse, and sometimes bizarre symptoms, it has become increasingly apparent that the disorder is, to variable degrees, accompanied by a broad spectrum of cognitive impairments. This review addresses the question of whether the cognitive deficits seen in schizophrenic patients are the core features of the disorder. In other words, we explore whether schizophrenia is best characterized by symptoms or cognitive deficits (we suggest the latter) and moreover, whether there is a specific cognitive deficit profile that may assist in diagnosis. First, we discuss what the cognitive deficits are. Then we address in turn the reality, frequency, predictive validity, specificity, course and susceptibility to neuroleptic effects of these cognitive impairments. In brief, we argue that various cognitive deficits are enduring features ...Continue Reading

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