A novel culture-independent method to search unknown dominant bacterial groups and its application to microbial analysis of membrane bioreactors

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Katsuji Watanabe, N. Horinishi


As we could not get numerical information for unknown unculturable microorganisms through conventional culture-independent analysis methods such as next-generation sequencing, or real time PCR, we developed an original culture-independent method, and searched the numerically dominant bacteria in three industrial membrane bioreactors for livestock farms. Although Actinobacteria was the numerically dominant phylum (9.3x105MPN/mL) on 6/August/2014 in the MBR of A farm, when a bacteria with the same genotype to Arthrobacter sp. (AF197047; 4.3x105MPN/mL), and those similar to Burkholderia sp. (AB299593; 4.3x105MPN/mL) were the numerically dominant, after about 13 months (24/October/2015) a number of the Arthrobacter genotype increased to 930x105 MPN (230 times) and become dominant, and those similar to the Microbacterium sp. (AM403628) increased to 92x105MPN, while that of the Burkholderia genotype disappeared. In the other MBR of B farm, bacteria having a similar genotype to Enshifer sp. (AB195268, CP000738), or Shinorhizobium sp. (AF227755, AB195268), or Mesorhizobium sp. (BA000012, Mso.tians29), or Agrobacterium vitis (D12795) was dominant on 18/August/2015 (24x105 MPN) and 30/August/2015 (15.5x105 MPN). In the other MBR of C far...Continue Reading

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