PMID: 21206602Oct 1, 2002Paper

Comparative efficacy of centbutindole & risperidone in schizophrenia

Indian Journal of Psychiatry
R ChandraJ S Srivastava


Centbutindole is a new antipsychotic agent related to butyrophenone group. The drug is dopamine antagonist but it also blocks 5HT(2) receptors. Clinically the drug has passed through phase I, II & III clinical trials successfully and it has shown effective antipsychotic activity in schizophrenic patients. In the present study the drug was compared with risperidone in a double blind manner for a period of 8 weeks to assess the efficacy in schizophrenic patients. Patients of schizophrenia evaluated on PANSS, CGI & UKU side effect rating scale weekly Out of 44 patients included in study, 38 completed the trial. The intergroup comparison of two drugs showed that centbudindole and risperidone have similar onset of antipsychotic action as both the drugs showed significant decrease in the total PANSS score as well as positive syndrome score, negative syndrome score and general psychopathology score from 2nd week onwards. The scores in both the groups showed a steady and significant decline from 2nd week to 8th week of study. The present study showed that centbutindole has similar improvement on clinical global impression with risperidone. The side effect profile was similar in the two drugs except dystonia (5 patients in centbutindole...Continue Reading

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