Apr 20, 2016

Comparative evaluation of laboratory developed real-time PCR assays and RealStar(®) BKV PCR Kit for quantitative detection of BK polyomavirus

Journal of Virological Methods
Mohammad R HasanPeter Tilley


Quantitative, viral load monitoring for BK virus (BKV) by real-time PCR is an important tool in the management of polyomavirus associated nephropathy in renal transplant patients. However, variability in PCR results has been reported because of polymorphisms in viral genes among different subtypes of BKV, and lack of standardization of the PCR assays among different laboratories. In this study we have compared the performance of several laboratory developed PCR assays that target highly conserved regions of BKV genome with a commercially available, RealStar(®) BKV PCR Kit. Three real-time PCR assays (i) VP1 assay: selected from the literature that targets the major capsid protein (VP1) gene (ii) VP1MOD assay: VP1 assay with a modified probe, and (iii) BKLTA assay: newly designed assay that targets the large T antigen gene were assessed in parallel, using controls and clinical specimens that were previously tested using RealStar(®) BKV PCR Kit (Altona Diagnostics GmbH, Hamburg, Germany). Nucleic acid from all samples were extracted using the QIA symphony virus/bacteria kit on an automated DNA extraction platform QIA symphony SP (Qiagen). Primer and probe concentration, and reaction conditions for laboratory developed assays were...Continue Reading

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