PMID: 708368Sep 1, 1978Paper

Comparative studies on intrinsic factor and cobalophilin in different parts of the gastrointestinal tract of the pig

The Biochemical Journal
G MarcoullisR Gräsbeck


The vitamin B(12) binders in the pig pyloric mucosa gastric and intestinal juice from the upper gastrointestinal tract were fractionated into only two molecular forms, classified as intrinsic factor and cobalophilin. The unsaturated vitamin B(12)-binding power due to cobalophilin was lower in the intestinal than in the gastric juice. Electrofocusing revealed that intrinsic factor and cobalophilin in the intestinal juice contained more of the ;neutral'-type isoproteins, and the suggestion is made that this is due to enzyme activity. The gastric-juice intrinsic factor contained more acidic isoproteins, which supports the hypothesis that carbohydrate is added on to the polypeptide chain of this protein before it is secreted into gastric juice. The gastric- and intestinal-juice cobalophilins, studied also by electrofocusing, differed from that of pyloric mucosa and they appeared to be of salivary origin. With regard to molecular dimensions there was no significant difference between the intrinsic factors and cobalophilins from all sources studied. All cobalophilins had molecular weights by the formula of Svedberg of approx. 92500, Stokes radii of 4.62nm and sedimentation coefficients of 5.15S. The corresponding values for the intri...Continue Reading


Jan 1, 1985·Critical Reviews in Oncology/hematology·Y KanoF Takaku
Mar 15, 1987·Analytical Chemistry·C D Tsalta, M E Meyerhoff

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