DOI: 10.1101/509059Dec 31, 2018Paper

Comparing Task-Relevant Information Across Different Methods of Extracting Functional Connectivity

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Sophie Benitez StulzMario Senden


The concept of brain states, functionally relevant large-scale activity patterns, has become popular in neuroimaging. Not all components of such patterns are equally characteristic for each brain state, but machine learning provides a possibility for extracting and comparing the structure of brain states from functional data. However, their characterization in terms of functional connectivity measures varies widely, from cross-correlation to phase coherence, and the idea that different measures provide similar or coherent information is a common assumption made in neuroimaging. Here, we compare the brain state signatures extracted from of phase coherence, pairwise covariance, correlation, regularized covariance and regularized precision for a dataset of subjects performing five different cognitive tasks. In addition, we compare the classification performance in identifying the tasks for each connectivity measure. The measures are evaluated in their ability to discriminate the five tasks with two types of crossvalidation: within-subject cross-validation, which reflects the stability of the signature over time; and between-subject cross-validation, which aims at extracting signatures that generalize across subjects. Secondly, we ...Continue Reading

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