PMID: 2864638Jul 1, 1985Paper

Comparison of activity of alpha-adrenoceptor agonists and antagonists in dog and rabbit saphenous vein

Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology
V A AlabasterC J Peters


The alpha adrenoceptors present on the saphenous vein of the dog and rabbit were characterised in vitro using the selective alpha 1 antagonist prazosin and the alpha 2 antagonists rauwolscine and yohimbine. In the dog saphenous vein, prazosin and rauwolscine competitively antagonised contractile responses to phenylephrine and UK-14,304 respectively. Noradrenaline was competitively blocked by prazosin only. In contrast, phenylephrine and methoxamine-induced responses in the rabbit saphenous vein were insensitive to prazosin and corynanthine. Rauwolscine competitively blocked responses to UK-14,304, noradrenaline and phenylephrine and pA2 values were similar against each agonist. Noradrenaline and UK-14,304 were equipotent agonists on the rabbit saphenous vein while in the dog vein noradrenaline has a lower potency than UK-14,304. These results suggest that the dog saphenous vein has a mixed population of alpha adrenoceptors, while the alpha adrenoceptors on the rabbit vein are homogeneous, with characteristics of the alpha 2 subtype.


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