PMID: 6989142Mar 1, 1980Paper

Comparison of cytocentrifugation and sedimentation techniques for CSF cytomorphology

Acta Cytologica
P R DykenT El Gammal


Two methods of processing cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) cells for morphologic study were compared. The newer cytocentrifugation method, using the Shandon Cytospin apparatus, allowed slightly quicker processing of cells but did not appreciably influence the total time needed to fully study the cells. The preservation of cells, as measured by observation of cellular detail, was better after the use of older, more gentle, sedimentation technique. The sedimentation technique was generally found to yield a higher number of total cells. The loss of small cells by the sedimentation method was not statistically greater than with the cytocentrifugation method, but large cell collection was significantly better. The older sedimentation method is concluded to be preferable to the newer cytocentrifugation method for CSF cytomorphology.

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