DOI: 10.1101/506550Dec 26, 2018Paper

Complete genome sequence of a divergent strain of Tibetan frog hepatitis B virus associated to concave-eared torrent frog Odorrana tormota

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Humberto J Debat, Terry Fei Fan Ng


The family Hepadnaviridae is characterized by partially dsDNA circular viruses of approximately 3.2 kb, which are reverse transcribed from RNA intermediates. Hepadnaviruses (HBVs) have a broad host range which includes humans (Hepatitis B virus), other mammals (genus Orthohepadnavirus ), and birds ( Avihepadnavirus ). HBVs host specificity has been expanded by reports of new viruses infecting fish, amphibians, and reptiles. The tibetan frog hepatitis B virus (TFHBV) was recently discovered in Nanorana parkeri (Family Dicroglossidae ) from Tibet. To increase understanding of hepadnavirus in amphibian host, we identified the full-length genome of a divergent strain TFHBV-Ot associated to the concave-eared torrent frog Odorrana tormota (Family Ranidae ) from China by searching deep sequencing data. TFHBV-Ot shared the genomic organization and a 76.6% overall genome nucleotide identity to the prototype TFHBV associated to N. parkeri (TFHBV-Np). TFHBV-Ot amino acid pairwise identity with TFHBV-Np predicted gene products ranged between 63.9% and 77.9%. Multiple tissue/organ specific RNAseq datasets suggest a broad tropism of TFHBV including muscles, gonads and brains. In addition, we provide for the first time evidence of virus deriv...Continue Reading

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