DOI: 10.1101/19007054Oct 6, 2019Paper

Computer-assisted craniometric evaluation for diagnosis and follow-up of craniofacial asymmetries: SymMetric v. 1.0

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Eduardo Joaquim Lopes AlhoBernardo A Monaco


Purpose: The current assessment of patients with craniofacial asymmetries is accomplished by physical examination, anamnesis and radiological imaging. We propose a semi-automated, computer-assisted craniofacial evaluation (SymMetric v 1.0) based on orthogonal photography of the patient's head in 3 positions. The system is simple, low-cost, no-radiation or special resources needed. Although it does not substitute CT in cases of doubt between craniosynostosis and positional plagiocephaly, multiple numeric evaluations indicate regional deformities and severity of the asymmetry, which can help in the clinical decision of indicating or not the orthosis in positional deformities, determining treatment duration or evaluating surgical outcomes after correction. Methods: A Matlab-based tool was developed for digital processing of photographs taken in 3 positions (anterior, superior and lateral). The software guides the user to select visible and reproducible landmarks in each photograph acquisition and calculates multiple indexes and metrics, generating a set of comprehensive plots to offer the user an overview of head and facial symmetry across the orthogonal views. For purposes of demonstration, we evaluated 2 patients (one control an...Continue Reading

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