Concomitant analysis of osteoblastlike cell migration and proliferation on a serum-enriched growth surface

The Anatomical Record
A Zuk, F H Wezeman


Osteoblastlike cell migration and accompanying proliferation on a growth surface precoated with fetal calf serum (FCS) was quantified using a modification of the chemotactic model of Alessandri et al. (1983) and autoradiography. Culture dishes were precoated with 1%, 10%, or 100% FCS and were overlaid with agar. Three-millimeter-diameter wells were cut and first-passage osteoblastlike cells in serum-free medium were seeded into the wells. At 12 and 48 hours, outward migration was quantified by measuring (1) the distance osteoblastlike cells had migrated peripheral to the well margin, and (2) the number of osteoblast-like cells peripheral to the well margin. The data indicated that the migration of osteoblast-like cells was related to time and FCS concentration. More cells migrated a further distance at 48 hours than at 12 hours. In addition, with greater FCS concentrations, osteoblastlike cell migration increased; 3H-thymidine pulse labelling showed no incorporation of label into osteoblastlike cells at 12 hours. However, pulse labelling after 48 hours demonstrated that a small number of nuclei peripheral to the well margin were labelled. The data suggest that proliferation contributes negligibly to the population of osteoblast...Continue Reading


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