Contribution of DNA Replication to the FAM111A-Mediated Simian Virus 40 Host Range Phenotype

Journal of Virology
Roxana M TarnitaJames A DeCaprio


Host range (HR) mutants of simian virus 40 (SV40) containing mutations in the C terminus of large T antigen fail to replicate efficiently or form plaques in restrictive cell types. HR mutant viruses exhibit impairments at several stages of the viral life cycle, including early and late gene and protein expression, DNA replication, and virion assembly, although the underlying mechanism for these defects is unknown. Host protein FAM111A, whose depletion rescues early and late gene expression and plaque formation for SV40 HR viruses, has been shown to play a role in cellular DNA replication. SV40 viral DNA replication occurs in the nucleus of infected cells in viral replication centers where viral proteins and cellular replication factors localize. Here, we examined the role of viral replication center formation and DNA replication in the FAM111A-mediated HR phenotype. We found that SV40 HR virus rarely formed viral replication centers in restrictive cells, a phenotype that could be rescued by FAM111A depletion. Furthermore, while FAM111A localized to nucleoli in uninfected cells in a cell cycle-dependent manner, FAM111A relocalized to viral replication centers after infection with SV40 wild-type or HR viruses. We also found that ...Continue Reading


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