PMID: 830892Jan 1, 1977

Control of juvenile diabetes mellitus and its relationship to endogenous insulin secretion as measured by C-peptide immunoreactivity

The Journal of Pediatrics
L A GrajwerA H Rubenstein


Proinsulin is converted to insulin and C-peptide in the pancreatic beta-cells; the latter two peptides are secreted in equimolar concentrations. Thus measurements of C-peptide immunoreactivity may provide a means of assessing residual pancreatic function in insulin-treated diabetic patients. Thirty-five patients with a mean (+/- SE) age of 13.4 +/- .6 years who had diabetes mellitus for 4.8 +/- .3 years were included in this study. Glucose and CPR were measured in the fasting state and one hour after 1 gm/kg (maximum 50 gm) of oral and glucose. Patients were assigned to one of two groups on the basis of adequate or poor control of diabetes. Twenty-five of the 35 (71%) patients had evidence of endogenous beta-cell function, i.e., CPR greater than 0.5 ng/ml. CPR levels over 0.5 ng/ml were present in a significantly (p less than 0.05) greater number of patients with diabetes of less than 5 years duration (19/21) than in those with diabetes greater than 5 years duration (6/14). Only one patient showed a rise in CPR after the glucose load. All patients with CPR greater than 2.0 ng/ml were in the adequately controlled groups, but there were patients with CPR less than 2.0 ng/ml in both adequately and poorly controlled groups. Because...Continue Reading


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