Sep 1, 1985

Controlled cryothermal injury to the AV node: feasibility for AV nodal modification

Pacing and Clinical Electrophysiology : PACE
G J KleinD L Jones


Elective subtotal injury to the AV node-His bundle region may create a negative dromotropic effect to provide a therapeutic advantage in some patients with supraventricular tachycardia without creating complete AV block. We examined the effects of cryosurgery to the AV nodal region, varying temperature and time using a 15 mm circular cryoprobe applied directly to the canine AV node-His bundle region. Twelve dogs were anesthetized and the heart was exposed through a right thoracotomy. Electrophysiological data obtained included conduction intervals, incremental pacing, and extrastimulus testing. Under inflow occlusion, the cryoprobe was positioned over the AV node-His bundle region using anatomical landmarks and a single freeze was applied (-15 degrees C to -60 degrees C, 15 to 60 seconds). Dogs were allowed to recover for 1 month, after which time electrophysiological testing was repeated under similar conditions; then the animals were sacrificed. With probe temperatures of -60 degrees C for 15 to 60 seconds, five of six dogs experienced complete heart block with dense fibrosis observed in the AV nodal-His bundle region. After freezing with higher temperatures, the remaining seven dogs had return of atrioventricular conduction ...Continue Reading

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