DOI: 10.1101/456343Oct 29, 2018Paper

CSTDB: A Crop Stress-tolerance Gene and Protein Database Integrated by Convolutional Neural Networks

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Di ZhangYunzhi Wu


Numerous studies have shown that many genes and proteins in plants are involved in the regulation of plant resistance to abiotic and biotic stresses. The researches on the stress tolerance of crops are also the focus of many researchers. To provides a reliable platform for collecting and retrieving genetic and protein information related to stress tolerance found in crops, we constructed CSTDB (Crops Stress-tolerance Database), an integrated database that includes stress-tolerance genes and proteins for many crop species. The database was developed based on convolutional neural network technology. It is a web-accessible database that contains detailed information on the stress-tolerance genes and proteins of major crop species. Currently, the database records four major crops containing 1,371 abiotic stress-tolerance genes or proteins, and 207 genes or proteins associated with biotic stress. Each gene and protein has detailed functional information and sequence information, such as stress types, Genbank ID, Pubmed ID, Protein ID, 3D model picture and FASTA files. As a user-friendly browsing tool, this database provides search functions, BALST functions and file download functions. CSTDB can be a valuable resource, which is desi...Continue Reading

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