PMID: 36399Jul 25, 1979

Cytosolic phosphorylation potential

The Journal of Biological Chemistry
R L VeechH A Krebs


The tissue contents of the reactants of the myokinase (EC and the combined glyceraldehyde-3-phophate dehydrogenase (EC kinase (EC reactions were measured in rapidly inactivated samples of human blood and rat brain, muscle, and liver. The tissue contents of the reactants of the creatine kinase (EC reaction were measured in rat brain and muscle. In vitro the value of the expression: KG+G = [sigma3PG] . [sigmaATP] . [sigmalactate] KLDH = [sigmaHAP]/22] . [sigmaADP][sigmaPi] . [sigmaRUVATE] (1) was found to be 0.725 x 10(7) M-1 at I = 0.25, T = 38 degrees C, and free [Mg2+] = 0.15 mM and the value measured in vivo in red cell was 0.699 x 10(7) M-1. The value of the expression KMYK = ([sigma ATP] [sigma AMP]/[ADP2]) measured under the above conditions and at pH 7.2 was found to be 0.744 while the value found in red cell was 0.784 +/- 0.037. These reactions, therefore, appear to be in a state of near-equilibrium in the red cell and the measured tissue contents of ATP and ADP, which are common reactants in both reactions, approximate closely the activity of these reactants in vivo. In brain and muscle, the value of KG + G/KLDH calculated from the measured tissue contents of the r...Continue Reading

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