PMID: 11578Nov 1, 1976

Cytotoxicity in graft-versus-host reaction. II. Lysis of target cells of parental genotyppe by F1 hybrid macrophages

K Y Fung, E Sabbadini


Graft-versus-host (GVH) reactions were induced in adult F1 hybrid mice with the i.p. injection of parental strain spleen cells. Peritoneal exudate and spleen cells of the F1 hybrids taken 8 days after the induction of GVH reaction had a nonspecific in vitro cytotoxic effect which was measured by using 51Cr-labeled target cells of parental genotype. The cytotoxic cells in the peritoneal exudates were shown to be macrophages which adhered to plastic surfaces and were sensitive to the toxic action of crystalline silica particles. Moreover, the injection of partially purified syngeneic macrophages into the F1 hybrids undergoing GVH reactions increased the cytotoxic activity of the peritoneal exudate cells obtained from these animals. These results suggest that during GVH reaction host macrophages are activated into a state of nonspecific cytotoxicity.

Related Concepts

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Hybridization, Intraspecies
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Mice, Inbred DBA
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Mice, Inbred A

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