Design, Synthetic Strategies, and Therapeutic Applications of Heterofunctional Glycodendrimers.

Molecules : a Journal of Synthetic Chemistry and Natural Product Chemistry
Leila Mousavifar, René Roy


Glycodendrimers have attracted considerable interest in the field of dendrimer sciences owing to their plethora of implications in biomedical applications. This is primarily due to the fact that cell surfaces expose a wide range of highly diversified glycan architectures varying by the nature of the sugars, their number, and their natural multiantennary structures. This particular situation has led to cancer cell metastasis, pathogen recognition and adhesion, and immune cell communications that are implicated in vaccine development. The diverse nature and complexity of multivalent carbohydrate-protein interactions have been the impetus toward the syntheses of glycodendrimers. Since their inception in 1993, chemical strategies toward glycodendrimers have constantly evolved into highly sophisticated methodologies. This review constitutes the first part of a series of papers dedicated to the design, synthesis, and biological applications of heterofunctional glycodendrimers. Herein, we highlight the most common synthetic approaches toward these complex molecular architectures and present modern applications in nanomolecular therapeutics and synthetic vaccines.


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