DOI: 10.1101/457556Oct 30, 2018Paper

Detecting spatial dynamics of range expansions with geo-referenced genome-wide SNP data and the geographic spectrum of shared alleles

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Diego F Alvarado-Serrano, Michael J. Hickerson


Uncovering the spatial dynamics of range expansions is a major goal in studies of historical demographic inference, with applications ranging from understanding the evolutionary origins of domesticated crops, epidemiology, invasive species, and understanding species-level responses to climate change. Following the surge in advances that make explicit use of the spatial distribution of genetic data from geo-referenced SNP variants, we present a novel summary statistic vector, the geographic spectrum of shared alleles (GSSA). Using simulations of two-dimensional serial expansion, we find that the information from the GSSA, summarized with Harpending Raggedness Index (RI), can accurately detect the spatial origins of a range expansion under serial founder models, even with sparse sampling of only ten individuals. When applying to SNP data from two species of the holarctic butterfly genus Lycaeides , the suggested origins of expansion are consistent with hindcasts obtained from ecological niche models (ENMs). These results demonstrate the GSSA to be a useful exploratory tool for generating hypotheses of range expansion with genome-wide SNP data. Our simulation experiments suggest high performance even with sampling found in studies...Continue Reading

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