Jan 1, 1987

Detection and characterization of lipid hydroperoxides at picomole levels by high-performance liquid chromatography

Analytical Biochemistry
Y YamamotoB N Ames


A new method for the detection of various lipid hydroperoxides and hydrogen peroxide at the picomole level has been developed by combining an HPLC system with an ultrasensitive analytical system based on the detection of chemiluminescence emitted by isoluminol in the presence of hydroperoxide and microperoxidase. This HPLC separation removes interfering antioxidants so that the method can be applied to biological samples such as blood plasma lipids. Several HPLC conditions are described which allow simple identification of different lipid hydroperoxides.

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Hydrogen Peroxide
Nickel microperoxidase-11
Antioxidant Effect
Lipid Peroxides
High Pressure Liquid Chromatography Procedure

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