Aug 6, 1998

Determination of ginsenoside Rf and Rg2 from Panax ginseng using enzyme immunoassay

Chemical & Pharmaceutical Bulletin
S R YoonS Y Nah


We have developed an enzyme immunoassay (EIA) to quantify trace amounts of ginsenoside Rf (Rf), one of the glycosides of protopanaxatriol from Panax ginseng. A carrier protein of bovine serum albumin (BSA) was coupled to the carbohydrate component of Rf using the periodate oxidation method. Antibodies were raised in rabbits using Rf-BSA conjugate as the immunogen and competitive indirect EIA was used for the determination of Rf. The working range was 0.01-10 ng per assay. The anti-Rf antiserum cross-reacted with ginsenoside Rg2 (105%), which is also a component of Panax ginseng and has a very similar chemical structure to Rf. These results suggest that the anti-Rf antiserum could also be used for the quantitation of ginsenoside Rg2 as well as ginsenoside Rf. In a comparison of EIA and HPLC the linear regression equation and correlation coefficient for the two methods were y(EIA) = 1.31x (HPLC)-11.48 and 0.98, respectively.

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