Dec 1, 1975

Determination of total insulin (TIRI) in plasma of insulin-treated diabetics and newborn infants of insulin-treated diabetic mothers

M ZieglerI Roth


Plasma of insulin-treated diabetics and of newborn infants of insulin-treated diabetic mothers contains insulin antibodies which invalidates the radioimmunoassay of insulin. Therefore, the endogenous insulin antibody complex must be splitted at a pH lower than 5 and the total IRI (TIRI) is separated by ethanol extraction. It was investigated the recovery rate in dependence upon plasma volume used for extraction. By reduction of used plasma volume from 500 to 200 mul per extraction the recovery rate was increased from 65.1 +/- 8.4 to 88.3 +/- 4.2% (mean +/- SEM). The low plasma volume of 200 mul for TIRI extraction made it possible to determine TIRI during glucose loads of newborn infants. To eliminate different conditions of incubation for standard and unknown plasma samples the TIRI levels were computed by means of so-called "extracted" standard curve, obtained with extracted insulin from standard insulin dilution in insulin-free pooled human plasma. Using the described method a temporary regeneration of insulin secretion of a newly diagnosed juvenile diabetic after insulin treatment could be shown. In contrast to newborn infants of healthy mothers a biphasic/insulin release was found during the intravenous glucose loads in ne...Continue Reading

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