DOI: 10.1101/453100Oct 29, 2018Paper

Development of a microfluidic cell culture and monitoring system for intracellular signaling studies

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Tomoki OhkuboTeruo Fujii


We describe a microfluidic cell culture and monitoring system that temporally controls molecule concentrations around cells cultured in a small space. The simple system consists of three syringe pumps and a microfluidic device with two inlet ports and two outlet ports. Each syringe pump discharges or draws culture medium, solutions containing signal molecules, or cell suspensions through a port in a programmed flow rate sequence. Signal molecule solutions of differing concentration are merged in a microchannel, mixed immediately, and transported into the cell culture chamber. Regulating the flow rate ratio of syringe pumps over time enables dynamic control of the concentration of signal molecules in the cell culture chamber. The system provides various time-dependent waveforms of concentration over cultured cells, including pulse, rectangular, and triangular. The practical performance of the system for concentration control was evaluated using fluorescent dye imaging. The system was also used with CHO-K1 cells to measure intracellular Ca2+ concentrations, which vary with extracellular ATP levels. When a rectangular pulse of ATP was applied to the cells, Ca2+ levels increased quickly. By contrast, several Ca2+ peaks were observe...Continue Reading

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