Development of a mouse model of menopausal ovarian cancer

Frontiers in Oncology
Elizabeth R SmithXiang-Xi Xu


DESPITE SIGNIFICANT UNDERSTANDING OF THE GENETIC MUTATIONS INVOLVED IN OVARIAN EPITHELIAL CANCER AND ADVANCES IN GENOMIC APPROACHES FOR EXPRESSION AND MUTATION PROFILING OF TUMOR TISSUES, SEVERAL KEY QUESTIONS IN OVARIAN CANCER BIOLOGY REMAIN ENIGMATIC: the mechanism for the well-established impact of reproductive factors on ovarian cancer risk remains obscure; cell of origin of ovarian cancer continue to be debated; and the precursor lesion, sequence, or events in progression remain to be defined. Suitable mouse models should complement the analysis of human tumor tissues and may provide clues to these questions currently perplexing ovarian cancer biology. A potentially useful model is the germ cell-deficient Wv (white spotting variant) mutant mouse line, which may be used to study the impact of menopausal physiology on the increased risk of ovarian cancer. The Wv mice harbor a point mutation in c-Kit that reduces the receptor tyrosine kinase activity to about 1-5% (it is not a null mutation). Homozygous Wv mutant females have a reduced ovarian germ cell reservoir at birth and the follicles are rapidly depleted upon reaching reproductive maturity, but other biological phenotypes are minimal and the mice have a normal life span...Continue Reading


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