DOI: 10.1101/518563Jan 15, 2019Paper

Development of a sequence-based reference physical map of pea (Pisum sativum L.)

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Krishna K GaliThomas D Warkentin


Whole genome profiling (WGP) is a sequence-based physical mapping technology and uses sequence tags generated by next generation sequencing for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) contigs of complex genomes. The physical map provides a framework for assembly of genome sequence and information for localization of genes that are difficult to find through positional cloning. To address the challenges of accurate assembly of the pea genome (~4.2 GB of which approximately 85% is repetitive sequences), we have adopted the WGP technology for assembly of a pea BAC library. Multi-dimensional pooling of 295,680 BAC clones and sequencing the ends of restriction fragments of pooled DNA generated 1,814 million high quality reads, of which 825 million were deconvolutable to 1.11 million unique WGP sequence tags. These WGP tags were used to assemble 220,013 BACs into contigs. Assembly of the BAC clones using the modified Fingerprinted Contigs (FPC) program has resulted in 13,040 contigs, consisting of 213,719 BACs, and 6,294 singleton BACs. The average contig size is 0.33 Mbp and the N50 contig size is 0.62 Mbp. WGPTM technology has proved to provide a robust physical map of the pea genome, which would have been difficult to...Continue Reading

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