Apr 2, 2020

SnoRNA signatures in cartilage ageing and osteoarthritis

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Mandy J PeffersT. W. J. Welting


Objectives: Osteoarthritis (OA) presents as a change in the chondrocyte phenotype and an imbalance between anabolic to catabolic processes. Age affects its onset and progression. Small nucleolar RNAs (SnoRNAs) direct chemical modification of RNA substrates to fine-tune spliceosomal and rRNA function, accommodating changing requirements for splicing and protein synthesis during health and disease. This study was undertaken to examine how changes in snoRNAs expression may have a role in OA. Methods: Articular cartilage from young, old and OA knees was used in a microarray study to identify alterations in snoRNA expression. Changes in expression of snoRNAs in OA-like conditions were studied in chondrocytes using interleukin-1 and OA synovial fluid. SNORD26 and SNORD96A knockdown and overexpression were undertaken using antisense oligonucleotides and over-expression plasmids. Results: We identified panels of snoRNAs differentially expressed due to ageing (including SNORD96A, SNORD44) and OA (including SNORD26 and SNORD116) and findings were validated in an independent cohort. In vitro experiments using OA-like conditions affected snoRNA expression. Knockdown or overexpression of SNORD26 or SNORD96A resulted in changes in chondrogen...Continue Reading

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