May 1, 1986

Differential changes in the content of amino acid neurotransmitters in discrete regions of the rat brain prior to the onset and during the course of homocysteine-induced seizures

Journal of Neurochemistry
I C AllenR Griffiths


Changes in amino acid concentrations were investigated in selected regions of rat brain prior to the onset and during the course of epileptiform seizures induced by L-homocysteine. The concentration of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) decreased preictally in substantia nigra (-18%), caudate putamen (-26%), and inferior colliculus (-46%). After seizure onset, the GABA content was further reduced in substantia nigra (-31%) and additionally in hippocampus (-18%). Preictal taurine levels were elevated in globus pallidus (+26%) and caudate putamen (+13%) but returned to normal after seizure onset. However, in hippocampus, taurine decreased both preictally (-22%) and after seizure onset (-56%). Glycine was reduced preictally only in globus pallidus (-13%). After seizure onset the direction of its concentration change varied in the brain regions studied. Glutamate levels decreased preictally in hippocampus (-10%) and hypothalamus (-46%) but increased in globus pallidus (+14%). Normal levels were detectable after seizure onset in hypothalamus and globus pallidus but a further reduction in hippocampus (-59%) and significant reductions in substantia nigra (-15%) and caudate putamen (-17%) were detected. Aspartate was elevated in hippocampu...Continue Reading

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Taurine, Monopotassium Salt
Globus Pallidus
Aspartic Acid, Magnesium-Potassium (2:1:2) Salt
August Rats
Organum Vasculosum Laminae Terminalis
Lentiform Nucleus Structure
Substantia Nigra Structure

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