Digital dermatoglyphics of Bulgarians from northeast Bulgaria

American Journal of Physical Anthropology
G B Karev


Digital dermatoglyphics were collected from 1,065 male and 1,065 female Bulgarians from northeast Bulgaria. None of the subjects had a diagnosed or suspected genetic or chronic disease of any kind. The fingerprints were classified by the 18-type system of Monique de Lestrange, modified to provide rapid and easy comparison with simpler classification systems. All the standard finger pattern indices were calculated. Certain modifications were introduced into the delta indices, it being borne in mind that each tented arch possesses a triradius and each complex (three-centered, accidental) whorl contains three triradii. A deltadiagram was constructed and its configuration was compared with those of some other populations. In addition, a new radioulnar index was proposed, representing a ratio between all the radial and all the ulnar patterns. The total, absolute, ulnar and radial finger ridge counts were calculated and their sample distributions were investigated. The dermatoglyphic features were evaluated and presented for each sex and each hand separately in order to investigate both the sex and bilateral differences. The set of data presented in this paper is a component of the physical anthropology of the general Bulgarian popul...Continue Reading


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