PMID: 3073440Jan 1, 1988Paper

Digitalis glycosides: a discussion of the similarities and differences in actions and existing controversies

Reviews in Clinical & Basic Pharmacology
C M LathersH Klions


The writing of this review was initiated to answer the question of whether differences in the actions of the various digitalis glycosides exist and to discuss current controversies in the research area of the digitalis glycosides. Data obtained in our laboratory indicated that the effect of digoxin on postganglionic cardiac sympathetic neural discharge in the minute prior to the occurrence of arrhythmia differed from that of ouabain. This raised the question of whether data published in other laboratories would support the contention that differences in glycosides do exist. To answer this question, a review of the literature was begun. Our survey of these studies are cited in the tables of this review. These tables summarize the actions of glycosides in vivo and in vitro in different animal models. The reader should bear in mind that the data included within the tables do not represent an inclusive summary of all studies in the literature. For detailed review articles, the reader is referred to the following references: Gillis et al; Gillis and Quest; Roberts et al; Lathers and Roberts; Farah and Alousi; Benthe; Levitt et al; Smith and Haber; Somberg; Lee and Klaus; Mason; Schwartz. Furthermore the summary of the results for ea...Continue Reading


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