Apr 23, 2020

RADSex: a computational workflow to study sex determination using Restriction Site-Associated DNA Sequencing data

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R. FeronYann Guiguen


The study of sex determination and sex chromosome organisation in non-model species has long been technically challenging, but new sequencing methodologies are now enabling precise and high-throughput identification of sex-specific genomic sequences. In particular, Restriction Site-Associated DNA Sequencing (RAD-Seq) is being extensively applied to explore sex determination systems in many plant and animal species. However, software designed to specifically search for sex-biased markers using RAD-Seq data is lacking. Here, we present RADSex, a computational analysis workflow designed to study the genetic basis of sex determination using RAD-Seq data. RADSex is simple to use, requires few computational resources, makes no prior assumptions about type of sex-determination system or structure of the sex locus, and offers convenient visualization through a dedicated R package. To demonstrate the functionality of RADSex, we re-analyzed a published dataset of Japanese medaka, Oryzias latipes, where we uncovered a previously unknown Y chromosome polymorphism. We then used RADSex to analyze new RAD-Seq datasets from 15 fish species spanning multiple systematic orders. We identified the sex determination system and sex-specific markers ...Continue Reading

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