PMID: 30733May 1, 1978Paper

Direct and reflex myocardial effects of intracoronary administered contrast materials in the anesthetized and conscious dog: comparison of standard and newer contrast materials

Investigative Radiology
C B Higgins, W Schmidt


The direct and indirect actions on left ventricular dynamics of contrast material (sodium meglumine diatrizoate) currently used for coronary arteriography, modified ionic material (sodium meglumine calcium metrizoate) and non-ionic material (metrizamide) were assessed in conscious and anesthetized dogs. In both anesthetized and conscious animals, the diatrizoate compound caused an early (3--10 sec after injection) decrease in peak dp/dt and dp/dt/LVP40, followed by late (10--20 sec after injection) increases in these variables. The predominant early and later effects of the calcium metrizoate compound were increases in parameters of LV contractile state. Metrizamide produced no significant early alterations, but later induced a small increase in these variables. The positive inotropic actions of each of the contrast materials were attenuated by beta adrenergic blockade. The early effects of the contrast materials were similar in the presence of segmental ischemia. The late positive inotropic effects in response to the diatrizoate compound and metrizamide were not observed in the ischemic state, while the positive inotropic response induced by the calcium metrizoate compound was significantly reduced. Thus intracoronary administ...Continue Reading


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