PMID: 39040Jan 1, 1979

Discontinuation of neuroleptics in chronic schizophrenics. I. Summary of the literature

International Pharmacopsychiatry
B Woggon


Based on the available publications on the discontinuation of antipsychotic drug treatment in chronic schizophrenic patients the following conclusions can be drawn: (1) About 50% of chronic schizophrenic patients develop a psychotic relapse after discontinuation of antipsychotic drug treatment. (2) The risk for a psychotic relapse after neuroleptic withdrawal seems to be less pronounced in older patients with a long duration of illness and hospitalization who are treated with a rather low maintenance dosage of antipsychotic drugs. (3) For the individual patient the effects of discontinuation are only predictable based on earlier results of an individual termination of his antipsychotic drug treatment.

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