DOI: 10.1101/451617Oct 24, 2018Paper

Discovery of the role of a SLOG superfamily biological conflict systems associated protein IodA (YpsA) in oxidative stress protection and cell division inhibition in Gram-positive bacteria

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Robert S BrzozowskiPrahathees J Eswara


Bacteria adapt to different environments by regulating cell division and several conditions that modulate cell division have been documented. Understanding how bacteria transduce environmental signals to control cell division is critical to comprehend the global network of cell division regulation. In this article we describe a role for Bacillus subtilis YpsA, an uncharacterized protein of the SLOG superfamily of nucleotide and ligand-binding proteins, in cell division. We observed that YpsA provides protection against oxidative stress as cells lacking ypsA show increased susceptibility to hydrogen peroxide treatment. We found that increased expression of ypsA leads to cell division inhibition due to defective assembly of FtsZ, the tubulin-like essential protein that marks the sites of cell division. We showed that cell division inhibition by YpsA is linked to glucose availability. We generated YpsA mutants that are no longer able to inhibit cell division. Finally, we show that the role of YpsA is possibly conserved in Firmicutes, as overproduction of YpsA in Staphylococcus aureus also impairs cell division. Therefore, we propose ypsA to be renamed as iodA for inhibitor of division.

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