DOI: 10.1101/511139Jan 3, 2019Paper

Dissection and validation of minor quantitative trait loci (QTLs) conferring grain size and weight in rice

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Ping SunYu-Qing He


Grain size and weight contribute greatly to the grain yield of rice. In order to identify minor QTLs conferring grain size and weight, an F2 population derived from a cross between two indica rice lines showing small difference on grain size, Guangzhan 63-4S (GZ63-4S) and Dodda, and its derived F2:3 population were developed and used for QTL analysis. Totally, 36 QTLs for grain size and weight were detected, and 7 were repeatedly detected, of which the number of beneficial alleles was contributed roughly equally by the two parents. In order to further validate effects of QTLs detected, a BC1F2 population derived from a backcross of a mixture of F2 lines with GZ63-4S was developed and subjected to QTL selection. Heterozygous regions of 3 QTLs, qGS3, qTGW6.2 and qGT7 were identified, and corresponding near-isogenic lines (NILs) of each QTL were constructed with three rounds of self-crosses. In the background of NILs, qGS3 was responsible for GL, LWR, GT and TGW, qTGW6.2 was for GL and TGW, and qGT7 was for GT and TGW. These results have laid the foundation of further fine mapping and cloning of underlying genes, and could be of great use in breeding and improvement of rice lines with desirable size and yield.

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