Apr 7, 1995

Distinguishing between folate receptor-alpha-mediated transport and reduced folate carrier-mediated transport in L1210 leukemia cells

The Journal of Biological Chemistry
M J SpinellaI David Goldman


L1210 leukemia cells transport reduced folates and methotrexate via a well defined reduced folate carrier system and, in the absence of low folate selective pressure, do not express an alternate endocytotic route mediated by cell surface folate receptors. This laboratory previously described an L1210 leukemia cell line, MTXrA, with acquired resistance to methotrexate (MTX) due to the loss of mobility of the reduced folate carrier. We now report on the transfection of MTXrA with a cDNA encoding the murine homolog of the human folate receptor isoform of KB cells to produce MTXrA-TF1, which constitutively expresses high levels of FR-alpha. MTXrA-TF1 and L1210 cells were utilized to compare transport of methotrexate mediated by FR-alpha and the reduced folate carrier, respectively. Methotrexate influx in the two lines was similar when the extracellular level was 0.1 microM, but as the methotrexate concentration increased, influx via the reduced folate carrier increased in comparison to influx mediated by FR-alpha. Transport kinetics indicated both a approximately 20-fold lower influx Kb and Vmax for MTXrA-TF1 as compared to L1210 cells. The two cell lines exhibited distinct influx properties. Methotrexate influx in MTXrA-TF1 was ma...Continue Reading

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Metabolic Process, Cellular
Hormone Receptors, Cell Surface
Energy Metabolism
Folate Receptor 1

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