Distribution and dissemination of the Val1016Ile and Phe1534Cys Kdr mutations in Aedes aegypti Brazilian natural populations

Parasites & Vectors
Jutta Gerlinde Birggitt LinssAdemir J Martins


The chemical control of the mosquito Aedes aegypti, the major vector of dengue, is being seriously threatened due to the development of pyrethroid resistance. Substitutions in the 1016 and 1534 sites of the voltage gated sodium channel (AaNaV), commonly known as kdr mutations, confer the mosquito with knockdown resistance. Our aim was to evaluate the allelic composition of natural populations of Brazilian Ae. aegypti at both kdr sites. The AaNaV IIIS6 region was cloned and sequenced from three Brazilian populations. Additionally, individual mosquitoes from 30 populations throughout the country were genotyped for 1016 and 1534 sites, based in allele-specific PCR. For individual genotypes both sites were considered as a single locus. The 350 bp sequence spanning the IIIS6 region of the AaNaV gene revealed the occurrence of the kdr mutation Phe1534Cys in Brazil. Concerning the individual genotyping, beyond the susceptible wild-type (NaVS), two kdr alleles were identified: substitutions restricted to the 1534 position (NaVR1) or simultaneous substitutions in both 1016 and 1534 sites (NaVR2). A clear regional distribution pattern of these alleles was observed. The NaVR1kdr allele occurred in all localities, while NaVR2 was more freq...Continue Reading


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