Oct 15, 1989

Distribution of T cells bearing different forms of the T cell receptor gamma/delta in normal and pathological human tissues

The Journal of Immunology : Official Journal of the American Association of Immunologists
B FaliniE Ciccone


Frozen sections from normal and pathologic human tissues were immunostained by the APAAP technique with three mAb directed against different epitopes of the TCR gamma delta; TCR delta 1 which binds to all cells bearing the TCR gamma delta; BB3 and delta TCS1 which, by immunoprecipitation studies, appear to react respectively with the disulfide-linked and nondisulfide-linked form of the TCR gamma delta. In normal thymus, TCR delta 1+ cells accounted for approximately 2% of the CD3+ thymocytes and were about three times more numerous in the medulla than in the cortex. TCR delta 1+ cells were mostly constituted by the delta TCS1 reactive subset (average ratio delta TCS1/BB3: 3.7). In the tonsil, the TCR delta 1+ cells (about 3% of CD3+ elements) were mainly located in the interfollicular area, where they frequently tended to arrange around high endothelium venules. In most samples, TCR delta 1+ cells were distributed beneath to the tonsil epithelium. Unlike thymus, the majority of TCR delta 1+ cells were usually constituted by the BB3-reactive subset (average BB3/delta TCS1 ratio: 2.0). A similar predominance of BB3+ over delta TCS1+ cells was also observed in normal peripheral blood. The spleen was the organ with the highest conc...Continue Reading

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