PMID: 37757May 1, 1979

Doppler ultrasonic measurement for diagnosing carotid occlusions and stenoses (author's transl)

Aktuelle Gerontologie
B AdjodaniH J Knieriem


Doppler ultrasonic measurements were performed in 74 patients suffering from cerebrovascular disorders. Flow direction was determined in the supratrochlear artery by using a directional Doppler sonographic instrument according to the method of Keller et al. 15 patients presented, unilateral or bilateral, with a flow reversal (i.e. direction of flow into the orbita via supratrochlear artery). In 8 of these patients carotis or aoitic arch angiographies were performed and in 4 cases necropsy reports were available. In all instances where flow reversal occurred severe carotid stenoses or occlusions were demonstrable. Thus 9 internal carotid occlusions, 1 common carotid occlusion, and 3 severe internal carotid stenoses were proved. One internal carotid occlusion and 3 internal carotid stenoses were operated on. Check-up sonograms after endarterectomy of carotid occlusions or stenoses showed a normal antegrade flow thus demonstrating patency of the carotid vessels. Obviously, supratrochlear flow reversal as measured by ultrasonic technique signals ipsilateral carotid vessel occlusion or stenoses. Furthermore, the method seems to be a reliable means for controlling carotid endarterectomy.

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