DOI: 10.1101/504233Dec 21, 2018Paper

Dual-color volumetric imaging of neural activity of cortical columns

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Shuting HanRafael Yuste


To capture the emergent properties of neural circuits, high-speed volumetric imaging of neural activity at cellular resolution is desirable. But while conventional two-photon calcium imaging is a powerful tool to study population activity in vivo, it is restrained to two-dimensional planes. Expanding it to 3D while maintaining high spatiotemporal resolution appears necessary. Here, we developed a two-photon microscope with dual-color laser excitation that can image neural activity in a 3D volume. We imaged the neuronal activity of primary visual cortex from awake mice, spanning from L2 to L5 with 10 planes, at a rate of 10 vol/sec, and demonstrated volumetric imaging of L1 long-range PFC projections and L2/3 somatas. Using this method, we map visually-evoked neuronal ensembles in 3D, finding a lack of columnar structure in orientation responses and revealing functional correlations between cortical layers which differ from trial to trial and are missed in sequential imaging. We also reveal functional interactions between presynaptic L1 axons and postsynaptic L2/3 neurons. Volumetric two-photon imaging appears an ideal method for functional connectomics of neural circuits.

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